Photo of Chesapeake Bay Bridge at sunset

Voting is not just a right — it’s a privilege!

Early Voting for Maryland’s Primary is June 12, 2014. Not sure if you are registered? Need to make an address change? You can do so here. To register, complete & print the Maryland Voter Registration Application according to the provided instructions. Also available en español (PDF).

Note:  After you print the form, be sure to sign it where appropriate before mailing it to your respective location. Your completed and printed Voter Registration Application form cannot be processed without an ORIGINAL signature. If you prefer and are eligible, you may register to vote online. Both options provided for your convenience/preference.

Southern Kent Island Sewer Plan

Realtors, residents & property owners in the nine Kent Island communities that are a part of the Southern Kent Island Sewer Project and other interested parties have access to a huge amount of information about failing septic systems and a probable solution to these problems.

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