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Southern Kent Island Sewer Plan

Realtors, residents & property owners in the nine Kent Island communities that are a part of the Southern Kent Island Sewer Project and other interested parties have access to a huge amount of information about failing septic systems and a probable solution to these problems.

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Septic System Grant Changes

The Maryland Department of Environment (MDE) has increased the income eligibility for septic grants.  As of July this year, households with income of $300,000 or less can qualify for grants paying 100% of the Best Available Technology (BAT) costs.  This is a significant increase.

BAAR forms community service partnership with CASA


In September 2009, BAAR formed a community service partnership with CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates) of Queen Anne’s and Kent Counties, an organization that works with our most vulnerable children: those who have been abused, neglected or abandoned and are under the protection of the court.

CASA’s primary role is to advocate for the best interests of these children, all of whom are in foster care, helping to ensure that they are placed in safe, permanent homes.

This is what makes the BAAR / CASA connection so meaningful.



If you are interested in working directly with the children,
contact CASA Executive Director Polly Newell at 410-758-2664

To learn more about CASA, visit the local CASA website: